Penelitian di Kantor ATR/BPN Kabupaten Tabanan

  • I Wayan Wahyu Wira Udytama Universitas Mahasaraswati
Keywords: Property Rights, Land Ownership Rights, Land Ownership Registration


In terms of needing land, from the legal provisions, not many people know how to obtain it and
what is the evidence. If the land in question has the status of property rights, it will be easy to know that
the land in question can be controlled and used indefinitely. But for someone who is going to buy land,
knowledge of these things. The land mafia can be outside or inside. The type of research used is empirical
legal research. The nature of the research used is descriptive. The data collection techniques used are field
study techniques and library study techniques. The data processing technique uses a qualitative descriptive
technique. From the results of data collection and analysis, the conclusions are explained as follows:
Obstacles in the implementation of registration of property rights to land at the Tabanan Regency Land
Office are caused by Government policy factors regarding tax obligations in land registration activities,
Factors Lack of understanding the function and use of certificates, Assumption factors Communities
need expensive fees to carry out land registration, the assumption is that it takes a long time in obtaining
certificates, the assumption is that the basis for land rights owned is very strong, the publication system is
negative. Countermeasures such as: counseling/socialization on the benefits of Land Registration, carrying
out the implementation of land registration with PRONA and PRODA in order to raise public awareness
and the weak economic group can obtain guarantees of legal certainty of land rights. Because it is the
responsibility of the Land Office

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