Focus and Scope

The Journal of Management and Business Equilibrium (MBE) aims as a medium for exchanging information and scientific works between teaching staff, alumni, students, practitioners and observers of science in the fields of economics and business who prioritize research principles and refer to the local wisdom values of Tri Hita Karana.

The Journal of Management and Business Equilibrium (MBE) welcomes the theoretical and empirical contributions of the researchers. Nonetheless, theoretical papers should produce new testable implications and have a real impact on society, and empirical papers should be theoretically well motivated. Editors view management, business strategy and entrepreneurship as closely related to economics and, as a consequence, papers submitted will often have theoretical motivations based on economics. But Editors are also looking for papers that complement theory-based economics with theoretical developments that come from other social science disciplines or traditions.

The Journal of Management and Business Equilibrium (MBE) is an open access journal that publishes quantitative and qualitative research articles relating to the fields of financial management, marketing, human resources, operations, strategic, and business.

Subjects suitable for publication include the following areas of:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Operational management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Strategic Management
  6. Management Information Systems
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Business management
  9. Business Innovation
  10. Sustainable business
  11. Sustainable innovation
  12. Sustainable technology
  13. Eco-edu-preneurship, business sustainability
  14. Sustainability cultural tourism, eco-agro-tourism, eco-ethno-techology
  15. Eco-ethno-creative partnership

Articles submitted in any management and business related subjects and any research methodology that meet the standards set for publication in journals. The main, but not exclusive, audience will be academics, students, practitioners and others interested in management and business research.

The main criterion for publication is the importance of the contribution of the article to the literature in management and business, that is, the importance of the contribution and the thoroughness of the analysis and presentation of the paper. Admission decisions are made based on an independent review process which provides a very constructive and prompt evaluation of submitted manuscripts.